Taken from The Ricecooker shop

"When we talk about a list of best bands to appear in the region for 2011, Singapore’s VAARALLINEN is immediately up there in the top 5, right at the top – excellent reproduction of the classic, and well-loved Finnish Hardcore-Punk sound, with songs to boot – I mean there are a lot of bands doing this but do they have the hooks to lift you up for every minute of their songs? Try VARAALLINEN boss!"

"Delayed vocals, anarchy signs, and a bassist named "Glue" - it's pretty perfect. Their art - very basic punk cops and a punk with charged hair - was drawn by "Peste and DISCHARGE museum person". These punks are from Singapore and sing in Finnish. It's very raw, D-Beat, and Scandi influenced. This tape sounds like it's on the wrong speed, but it's not, you know 'cause it's on a cassette tape. It's like DISCHARGE on a fuck ton of amphetamines. This tape fucking rules. I wanna pogo with them at 2am in my kitchen or something to TERVEET KADET. This demo rules! It should really be an LP."

- Maximum Rock 'N' Roll #349