OUT NOW!!! KYLMA SOTA –RAW PUNK 2005-2015 Discography Double Tape

KYLMA SOTA –RAW PUNK  2005-2015 Discography  Double Tape

Kylma Sota is Finnish raw punk band from Turku,Finland.They formed from 2003 and have release few great stuff ,and they still going strong till now.In this discography double tape come with 38 tracks including 4 bonus tracks.This combine from all they release before this like tracks demo from 2005,from various –Freedom and Existence 2006,tracks from various-yo airistolla-Turkupunk 2007 ,tracks from split ‘7 with Death With A Dagger in 2006, tracks from S/T ‘7 in 2007,Tracks from Kylma Sota -10 tracks ’12,tracks from their split ‘7 with Ydintuhoin 2012 ,tracks from split ‘7 with Rajoitus in 2013. And now all tracks come in cassette format with some Bonus tracks.