See You In Hell - Utok CD digipak

Second full length, fast, raw and 100% full-on energy hardcore/punk from Brno.
"Utok" means "attack" and that's exactly what this is! Following up their great "Umet se Prodat" LP with another great piece of powerful Czech crustcore. Brutal, powerful, fast, and harsh. They're not as Japan-influenced on this as before, but they have not lost their ability to write raging and memorable songs on bit. Czech in your face raw punk! "
“Very cool old school sounding Czech hardcore punk, which brings to mind a lot of old US and European hardcore influences. SEE YOU IN HELL is fairly straight-forward, no-frills stuff and won’t throw you a curve ball stylistically, which in my book can be something very good. Sometimes you want your hardcore served up raw and that’s when you listen to SEE YOU IN HELL”

(NM, Maximum RocknRoll #299)